Do you think website with hundreds of thousands of backlinks is always allotted the top position by Google in SERP? Well if you think so then you are wrong because the quantity factor doesn’t work very well with Google. Every website is given a certain weightage by Google based on various parameters like relevancy, average holding time of the website, content, domain authority, responsiveness of the website and so many things to mention here. So if you think just by creating backlinks you can rank a website to top of the Search Results then its time, you research a bit.

There are many examples where you can find websites without much backlinks is ranked top against a website that is highly SEO optimized and has relatively thousands of more backlinks. So what does it means for the SEO executives out there trying to rank a website as well as for the business owner who wants to get his website ranked for his business keywords. Well the backlink stuff is not as simple as it might look because there are tons of social bookmarking websites, profile link websites, article sites, blog sites from which anyone can get a backlink redirecting to a website being promoted.  But does this guarantee higher ranking in search engines? Well the answer is a big “NO”.

To make up a successful strategy for Search Engine Optimization it is important to consider the factors which play a major role including the content, keywords, Meta tags, and backlinks. Backlinks are considered to be one of the essential factors that influence ranking of a website.

So what actually is a Backlink?

In simple words, when a web page or website has a clickable link or a hyperlink, that redirect to a website is called a backlink. It is known as inbound or one-way link that point the website from another website.

Backlink is a crucial element of SEO and play a major role in ranking a website. It helps promote the website just by being the hyperlink to a website from another source.  However, the quality of the backlink needs to be given importance as it is the quality of the backlink that matters the most.

How you would choose a backlink?

According to SEO experts in the industry, it has been stated that good quality backlinks from reliable sources help the website to be considered as trustworthy and relevant in Google’s eye. While choosing the backlink one must ensure that it come from a authority website and have some relevance to the content. In a nutshell, one must ensure that the backlink that is redirecting to the website must be real and have similar niche. For example, if you are working on the website which deals with technology but it has been linked with a website which is health-oriented, such backlink can bring negative impact because it is irrelevant and must be avoided.

The thing to note here is that no expert says about the quantity of the backlinks but they always talk about the quality of the backlinks, WHY? Because there is no specific number of backlinks that can assure that a website will get good ranking.

Now let’s shift the focus on the types of backlink because backlink is also divided on its usefulness.

What are the types of backlinks?

Backlinks are basically of two types just like a coin has two sides, backlinks too are categorized:

  • Dofollow backlink

Dofollow backlink pass link juice to the website which helps it ranks faster in Google. By default every link that redirects to any website is do-follow and they are considered really important for the ranking of a website.

  • Nofollow backlink  

Nofollow backlink contain the no-follow tag and is not considered to be really useful as the Google crawlers ignore such links. The no-follow backlink do not have tags like do-follow and therefore, it is not considered to hold any relevance in the search engine optimization and its page ranking algorithm as well.

How many backlinks are enough?

The number of backlinks given as target can be difficult as in most of cases it differs according to the goal and the type of business. Therefore, in order to get the best SEO result, one must focus on using quality backlinks and naturally build the links on a consistent basis. Backlinks certainly affects the ranking of a website but in no ways means that the more the backlinks the higher the ranking of the website. Search engines use algorithms to gather information and rank pages, and they use bots and spiders to crawl your site for content and backlinks. In a nutshell, one can consider the better the backlinks are for the website, the higher is the chances for improved position in SERP.

How to create the best backlinks?

People with little idea with backlink often wonder about how to create it and how many backlinks should a website have for the best possible result. There are various ways to create backlinks, the most common one are article submission, blog commenting, guest posting, social bookmarking, profile link creation and more. Make sure the website on which the backlink is created should have high domain authority and is relevant to the business of the website. The best backlinks are those which redirect from a relevant website to another relevant website.  

Although acquiring backlinks doesn’t require any technical skills, it is more about networking and relationship building. According to the professionals, the best way to get organic backlinks is through quality content. The quality content has the potential to provide another site with a compelling reason to link with. Some of the common ways to improve the chances of getting backlinks includes

  • Adding articles, press release, blog post, and other shorts if shareable content with the best infographics.
  • By making it a habit to add new content on the website or by making it a routine to post quality blogs.
  • One must stay active on social media and should always link back to the relevant content.


Number of backlinks doesn’t decide the fate of a website because nobody can tell which backlinks will boost the website ranking and which will not. So the question of how many backlinks a website sounds inappropriate instead it should be like “A website should have quality backlinks”.

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